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Mini, for me, is a fun chapter in my life. It’s a connection between people which brings huge amounts of joy and pleasure! The earliest time I can remember being fascinated with Mini Coopers started when I was 15. My uncle let me drive his brand new 2005 Mini Cooper Convertible located in Florida. Being 15, I only had my learners permit, but he knew I was already drooling over his little blue convertible. I really enjoyed the cruise through some twisty backroads. Thats when it began!

Fast forward to today where I own a 2006 Mini Cooper S and a 1976 Mini Cooper. I couldn’t be more happy and proud of how I saved and earned these vehicles. It was a step by step process. I first appreciated the design of the BMW MINI. Then, a local 85 year old enthusiast who owned my current Classic opened the door for me to own his. It took writing many letters, understanding Mini passion, and hardcore saving for me to get the keys to the lovely Classic. The previous owner definitely had his heart strings pulled when I drove off, but he was very adamant on me getting the car as I understood his passion.

I drive the Classic as a weekend fun car. I’ve already put it in a parade and a couple car shows. It is definitely a head turner and a question receiver. There is no way you can drive this car and not be happy. I always remind myself how lucky I am to treasure a piece of history. Mini Car, Massive Heart. I’ve already began a ‘Mini Motoring Journal’ to document fun experiences and other peoples writings. Some highlights in the book currently is a fun and quick ‘Good Luck’ from the previous owner and a fun message in German from a German traveler (who also owns a Mini). I can only try and hope to continue to drive these wonderful little cars. It’s funny, most people have a unique opinion on them. Just think about that for a second! Motor On!

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