JULY 5, 2016 MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — There was a flash flood warning for much of the day around the Twin Cities.

The heavy rain made its way across the Twin Cities at rush hour, surprising many drivers.

“There wasn’t any water and then all of a sudden there was, just came out of the sky,” said one driver, stuck in the water. Several drivers got stuck on West Broadway Avenue near 2nd Avenue in northeast Minneapolis. The watermark was halfway up the driver’s side door. Drivers had to wait it out in their cars until the water receded.

“It was definitely a tidal wave,” said driver John Lanz.

Some made it through, with a little help to push their way through the flooded area. “Some guy that was jogging, he came by helped me out, got my car onto the curb. We’re just going to try and dry ‘er up and get my battery started, hopefully it turns over,” Lanz said.

Water bubbled onto the streets where kids played, and cars continued to take their chances. Other low-lying areas were completely flooded, forcing police to block the road at Monroe Street and 17th Avenue. “It’s really scary,” said driver Mayra Sinchi. “My kids are afraid. Pretty much go around, take a different path and try to avoid being stuck in there.”

The best advice when you see water across the road is to stop and turn around. There is no telling how deep it is, or if some of the road has eroded beneath the water.

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