Why New Brighton to New London?

Why do we drive from New London to New Brighton every year?

That’s a really good question!  It all started with the London to Brighton Mini Run…

In 2005 we decided to copy this event in the United States. The SotaMINIs car club organized the New London to New Brighton Run in the state of Minnesota (Mini-sota) since sMinnesota is the only state in the US that has both a New London and a New Brighton. The distance between the two is exactly twice the distance from London to Brighton. The first year it was attended by 20 MINIs/Minis. The club, SotaMINIs (new MINIs) has since merged with the Classic Mini club called MMPE&PSHE (the Mini-sota Minis Pizza Eating & Psychiatric Self-Help Association). The new club is called Minnesota United Minis (M.U.M.) and the tradition of the New London to New Brighton run is still going strong in 2017. Proceeds from the annual event support the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation with prizes awarded participants raising the most money.

We try to follow the same dates as The London to Brighton Mini Run, which takes place on the 3rd Sunday in May. In 2010, London celebrated its 25th anniversary and in 2009, the London event broke the world record for the longest convoy of Minis with a Guinness-verified total of 1450 cars. The London to Brighton, and believed to be the largest one make car show in the world attracting over 2,500 Minis both classic and modern. It is organized by the London & Surrey Mini Owners Club.

Now we Yankees have MINI on the Mack, the bi-annual event that is attempting to break London’s convoy record.

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