MOTM 2019

MINI on the Mack 2019

MOTM? What the heck is that?

MINI on the Mack or MOTM is an event to break the Guinness World Record for the most Mini and MINI Coopers in a parade.  The existing record of Mini cars was on May 17, 2009 by the London & Surrey Mini Owners Club as part of the London to Brighton Mini Run.  It consisted of 1,450 cars.

The 2019 MOTM will be the 4th attempt to break the record.  MOTM has been held every other year.  The year 2019 is important because it is the 60th anniversary of Mini. Just over 1,300 cars participated in 2017.  The event takes place in St. Ignace / Mackinaw City, Michigan.  It involves crossing the Mackinaw Bridge and following a specific route by the planners.

As with most Mini/MINI Cooper events, there is a charity involved with the event.  This year the organizers are teaming up with Van Andel Institute’s Purple Community, to raise awareness and funds for Parkinson’s disease research happening in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Each time MOTM has been held some Minnesota United Minis (M.U.M.) members have traveled to the U.P. to participate in this event.  The event this year will be held August 3, 2019.  Complete details for the event can be found on-line at and on Facebook at  Be part of a Guinness World Record event.

Note: this isn’t a M.U.M. event.

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